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PRICE: $15.00
FORMAT: Soft Cover
CATEGORIES: Travel / Adventure / Bicycling / Outdoor Sports / Recreation

Shifting Gears: Riding the Road through America’s Heartland

Shifting Gears: Riding the Road through America’s Heartland is a coming-of-age story about the author’s 4,000-mile transcontinental bicycle trip in 1976. With precision and detail, Briscoe takes his readers on a once-in-a-lifetime bicycle journey through the heart of 1970s America. Briscoe brings his art to storytelling and shares provocative and insightful tidbits he learned as he pedaled along the highways and byways of America with his good friend.



“This is a truly well-written story and one of the best memoirs I have read. Briscoe takes his readers on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the heart of 1970s America. Shifting Gears is as sharp-eyed, intuitive, and captivating as Cheryl Strayed’s Wild.”  (189 pgs, 6x9, black & white photos) 

—Valerie Sullivan Loss, 


“Totally engrossing; I picked up this book and found myself unexpectedly along for the ride. Humorous, yes, it left me grinning; it is a sweet and positive story, a welcome reminder of what is wonderful about our fellow human travelers. The adventure of the open road kept me turning the pages to find what was around the corner. But the vulnerable moments and open, honest self-examination elevate this into a classic coming-of-age story. Not a boy making first steps into manhood, but a young person finding purpose and character as a human being, one hard-earned mile after another. 

—Jeanne Stallman, Amazon Reviewer 


“I could not put this book down. It’s a great adventure and coming-of-age classic story. Shifting Gears motivated me to pump up the old bike tires and hit the road for an adventure of my own. Easy to read and very enjoyable. I can’t wait for the sequel!” 

—Richard Tunzat, Amazon Reviewer